And Pain Becomes Truth


MCH promoting Dexter Season 3…. *sniff*

(Sept 2008)


He ate all the chocolate on the table, because there was an accident on the highway to San Diego, and he had no time to eat before the panel  :O))

(The Internet told me so)


Michael C. Hall - 6 years of Comic Con. 2008 - 2013.

I realised, this year is the first year without “Dexter” 


It´s Ice Cream Day (seriously) 

Children are paying a terrible price in Gaza.





More than 25 percent of the Palestinians killed have been children. 

I hate to reblog this, but I would feel worse if I didn’t. That’s a damned shame.


43% of Palestine’s population is made up of kids 14 years old and below. :(

" these guys are sooo cool ! Don Johnson and Michael C. Hall” ~ Official Cannes 2014 Director’s Fortnight tweet. 

We knew that. :))